After School Hub Foundation

After School Hub Foundation is a social enterprise that inspires and equips children and young people using a peer to peer approach with life skills, both in and out of school. Our emphasis is on non-academic options that enrich the life of learners, prepare them to live responsible and productive lives.

Our approach has four aspects and these include:

1. Reading & Media Programs

Our Reading program helps participants improve their communication skills. Participants are encouraged to read with discernment, visualize what they read and set a pattern of regular reading, which impacts positively on their development.

2. Life skills

Our Life skills program helps participants explore alternative ways of learning, identify talents, explore vocational skills and grow passion into an income.

3. I.C.T

Our I.C.T program helps both the parent and child find meaningful ways of using the Internet and Social media. In our programs, I.C.T is both a set of technological tools and resources that are used to communicate, create, disseminate, manage and store information. Everyone must therefore be equipped to face the technological era that is here with us.

4. Edutainment

Edutainment is a combination of education and entertainment that appeals to many of the beneficiaries of our programs.

We need to, ‘Catch them young’ and set the foundation for positive growth


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